Alexis Neumann

Installation Artist

Light, Bio(medical) Art, Disability

Alexis Neumann (MFA Visual Studies, MA Critical Studies '22) is a Pacific Northwest installation artist using light, bio-medical imagery, copper, and iridescent, transparent, & reflective materials to draw attention to the complexities of the human experience while engaging Disability Studies, Intersectionality, Theology, and Cultural Studies. She lives with multiple invisible illnesses including Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and mental illness and is currently based in Portland, OR. Her work focuses on and celebrates interconnectedness, intricacy and balance within the body through her use of neural and biological systems and explores resiliency and the metaphysical through sound, light, vibration, and materials. 


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Current & Upcoming Shows


The Neurowillow Tree at 4Culture in Seattle, WA

Dec 1- January 31st

Lusio Lights and City of Seattle present "Shine On Seattle"

Portland Winter Light Festival

Feb 4th-12th

The Neurowillow Tree